Lara Bruggeman

Lara Bruggeman is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Rotterdam. Within her practice of graphic design and 3D art, she investigates the relationship between the physical and the digital. Using technology as a tool, she creates virtual landscapes and digital sculptures that visualise and redefine the often intangible qualities of nature, constructing dream worlds situated beyond the bounds of reality. Curious about decay,distortion and serendipity, through experimentation and research she explores how theconnection between the physical and digital world can be endlessly disrupted.




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Group Exhibitions

  • 2020

    Hijs lights, onderdeel van Rotterdam verlicht, Rotterdam

  • 2019

    The New Current, Art Rotterdam

  • 2019

    Kunstroute Kralingen Crooswijk, Media-Art exhibition, Rotterdam

  • 2019

    Opening 82__84, Kunstruimte Crooswijk, Rotterdam

  • 2019

    ChampdAction.LAbO, International Summer School, Antwerpen

  • 2019

    The Grey Space in the Middle, Ethereal Music, Den Haag

  • 2019

    Graduation show, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

  • 2018

    Critical Cult, Minor+ Visual Culture exhitibion, Mono, Rotterdam

  • 2017

    Display, Mono, Rotterdam