Phygital Gravity

The story of Newton’s apple continues.

Phygital Gravity is a study examining gravity in a digital environment. The video shows that material, form and colour can be manipulated endlessly within a digital world. The sculptures were generated by documenting Newton’s falling apple, which led him to examine gravity, using 3D-scan software. In this sense, the sculptures exist on the border between the physical and digital, making them phygital. The work creates a different experience of gravity by materialising the invisible. I focussed on visually exploring the increasingly merged physical and digital world. My explorations are expressed through surreal shapes and images that balance between the physical and digital world. By using analogue and digital techniques, I examined the possibilities of modern technology within the creative process.

Phygital Gravity was exhibited at: The new Current, during Art Rotterdam 2020. Testsite Meent 2019 Kunstroute Kralingen Crooswijk 2019 Graduation show Willem de Kooning 2019

Sound credit: John van Beek